audioforce started off in 2000 as a small music production house catering to the local Berlin scene. Twenty years later, the one-man company established by founder and executive producer Thomas Suess has expanded into an international team of producers and composers that are just as passionate (and possibly just as crazy) as him.

Our fierce commitment to high quality work has led us to jobs with dozens of established names- Nike, Google, McDonald’s, Adidas, Nissan, Porsche, and Pokemon (to name just a few)- and has gotten several awards recognitions along the way, including from Cannes Lions, New York Festival, ADC, Spikes, and the Clio Awards.

Our passion for creativity means that we're always on the lookout for collaborations with talented up-and-coming directors and musicians. We believe that custom-made music can be just as powerful and cutting edge as any other art form, and our vision has led us across the sea to Tokyo and Shanghai, where we now work at the intersection of cultures to discover and create sounds that are new, exciting, and innovative.

We are proud to say that our multilingual, multicultural production team and our diverse network of genre-versatile composers are continuously pushing the boundaries of what we do in the name of one thing: good music.